Rio Rico Farms, Inc

Rio Rico Farms, Inc is a Texas based produce distributor specializing in Dry Onions, Limes, Carrots and Cabbage. Poised for growth, Rico Farms distributes the highest quality produce and delivers on time. Most of our product comes from the fertile Rio Grande Valley and Mexico.

The Rio Grande Valley offers some of the best growing conditions in the United States and Mexican farmers produce high quality vegetables.

Our fresh produce are products grown to the highest degree of today’s quality health standards. We have on-time delivery and quality service to each customer.

We are known for our tomato products and offer a wide variety in tomato distribution out of Progreso, Texas. We offer the following types of tomatoes:

Our dry onions, okra, limes, carrots and cabbage are delivered so our customers are always satisfied with the products they receive. We strive to provide each of our customers with the freshest vegetables available to you.

We work closely with our farming partners and our company provides only quality produce and convenient customer care.

To learn more about our produce distribution business and how we can serve you:

Call us at 956-565-1942 to speak to one of our Rio Rico Farms representatives. We’re the Rio Grande Valley’s number one distributor! Call us today!

We are an extension of your business, providing you with dependable service with satisfaction guaranteed. We work with you to deliver a program to your specific needs for cold storage, logistics, packaging and warehousing.